PERFORMPRO is designed for large sedans and sports vehicles. Four wide longitudinal grooves improve safety and car control, reducing the risk of aquaplaning in wet conditions.

rim: 15’- 20’  section width: 195- 275   ratio:35-60  speed rate: V / W / Y

The ULTIMA SPORT is an ultra high performance summer tyre designed for performance enthusiasts. With excellent traction and handling capabilities, the ULTIMA SPORT will let you start up quickly, provide stability in the straights and confidence on the bend.

rim: 13’- 16’  section width: 155- 255   ratio:50-80  speed rate: T / H / V / W

The ULTIMATOUR is designed for family passenger cars. Its advanced technology enables drivers to enjoy comfortable and fuel-saving driving.

rim: 13’- 16’  section width: 155- 255   ratio:50-80  speed rate: T / H / V / W

The NEO 81 provides good traction and braking for your ride, and the pattern is designed for good straight-line stability. Two shoulder straps designed to resist uneven wear provide excellent abrasion resistance and steering performance.


rim: 14’- 15’  section width: 155- 185   ratio: 55-85  speed rate: H / T

UHP Asymmetric Pattern Tyre Series 3D asymmetric pattern design takes superion grip performance and shorter braking distances. performance and shorter braking distances.

rim: 17’- 19’  section width: 205- 245  ratio:35-55 speed rate: V / W

The new UHP formula can reduce rolling resistance by 30%-40%, effectively reduce fuel consumption. Reduce CQ emissions, and improve tire wet and dry performance; good handling and high-strength grip.

rim: 15’- 18’  section width: 195- 245  ratio:40-50 speed rate: V / W

New formula, which effectively reduces the rolling resistance and noise of the tire. Highlights the combination of environmental protection and comfort.The arc-shaped sipe pattern design effectively divides the pattern design to improve the grip and the safety of vehicle driving.

rim: 13’- 18’  section width: 155- 205   ratio:50-70  speed rate: H / S / T / V

The ULTIMA PLUS is high-speed handling performance and lower noise level ; Draining water away from block surface.Excellent safety driving performance and driving more comfortable production materials satisfied with reach environmental regulation

rim: 13’- 17’  section width: 175- 235   ratio:45-70  speed rate: T / V / W

The coupling design with the crosswise arc groves and fine arc slots effectively damaged the water film in the wet road, which provide better grasp force in the wetland.The 3D slots design increased the braking and grounding area to provide bigger traction force. Meantime it effectively increased the heat radiation area and improved the endurance performance of the tire.

rim: 13’- 18’  section width: 175- 225  ratio:40-70  speed rate: T / H/ W XL